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"Lean production" training

Website Editor: Flying Group │ Published:2017/1/9

Based on the challenges and opportunities faced by the companies in the operation and management of the factory, in order to provide the direction guidance for the full operation cost optimization of the companies in 2017, we have invited Mr. Tang Ji to submit to Mr. Tang Ji in December 3, 2016 Day led the management team to carry out on the essence of lean production content sharing and discussion.
The company's chairman, general manager, in charge of vice president, production operations staff, HR managers, financial managers and so on more than 40 people gathered in Suzhou, the company executives on the current operation of the product line of strategic positioning to do the analysis and discussion, we agreed "Total cost lead" is our main way to gain a competitive advantage.
        Mr. Tang leads the management team to list the challenges and pains that companies face in the "total cost leadership" of the company. In the four seemingly different challenges list from the four companies, we found that our challenges revolve around technology , Performance, human thought and behavior of these three dimensions.